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Packaging & Kitting

Whether it’s for a one-off order or as a reoccurring service, our packaging service is completely bespoke, meaning we pack your products to the exact specifications of your company and your customers. 


We have options for various types of packaging, from our basic packaging to eco-friendly and branded packaging. We also offer gift and personalised packaging. We can also pick and pack your products together to create subscription boxes, gift boxes, influencer packages and more.

The Process

Idea Stage

We are experts in our industry and will work with you to create a list of requirements that suit your product, brand, and budget.


Receive individual components and assemble all items together in specific packaging, well presented.


When these have been completed, we can either store ready for online sales via your website or ship to a list of addresses such as subscription, influencer and gifting mailouts or palletise and send back to one address including Amazon FBA, or ship back back to your business after rework.


Other Services

Click below to learn more, or book a consultation to chat with one of our team about your company’s goals and how our services can help you achieve them.

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